Is Attic Insulation Really Important?

Insulating your attic includes injecting or spraying foam on your ceiling or attic. It’s an extremely crucial process. This is the area where you should apply most insulation. The reason for this is that your attics and ceilings are areas of your home that are typically affected by climatic shifts. This includes cold winters and hot summers. 

To make things simple, you are solving the issue at its root by insulating ceilings or attics. Insulation foam and Waco Spray Foam Insulation services are excellent for eliminating this issue.  

It is Really Crucial? 

During winter and summer, the ceiling and attic, as mentioned above, are the most affected areas. These parts suffer from huge temperature shifts. You can ensure that you’ll save a lot of money on energy bills if you insulate those areas. In addition to that, you’re helping your AC unit to run more efficiently.  

You should not assume that all heat absorbed by the ceiling or attic will stay there. It can spread out your whole house. This is the reason why you should insulate your ceiling and attic.  

You can lower the surface temperature exposed to the attic by as much as 40°F if you insulate the roof surface with spray foam.  

Your ceiling and home temperature can reach up to 100°F on an extremely hot summer day. However, that can be lowered to around 65°F if you insulate your attic, 

With poor attic insulation, heat passes very easily. In natural, heated interior air rises by convection in the winter. If you have a lot of air leaks in your attic, the heated air can easily escape. This means that your room will be much colder because the heat inside it is escaping.  

On the other hand, if you have poor attic insulation, heat will move inside your house as attic temperatures rise to the 100°F range on a hot summer day.  

Better Indoor Air Quality 

Through air leaks caused by poor insulation, outdoor pollutants such as mildew, mold, dirt, and dust can enter your house. The accumulation of these harmful particulates can severely compromise the air quality inside your house as time passes. To prevent these airborne toxins from spreading across your house, you should insulate your attic. This will enable your family to enjoy a cleaner indoor environment and breathe easier. Furthermore, you can get rid of pollutants that might have lived in your existing insulation if you install a new one.  

Safer Home Structure 

You can prevent gradual damage to your house if you insulate your attic. Typically, moisture and heat cause this damage. Insulation can stop water vapor from eroding and leaking in your walls. Also, it slows down the buildup of heat in your attic. This heat can cause your roof shingles to crack and swell. It can also cause your deck’s plywood to soften. When melted snow freezes on the edge of your roof, insulation can prevent ice dams from forming. Lastly, you can prevent mold if you insulate your roof since it thrives in cool and moist areas.